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How To Get Order Of Soldering Iron & Repair


Published by HAIRUI September 18,2020

Soldering Iron & Repair is an American multinational corporation, providing different kinds of SMD rework soldering station.

On September 25, 2015, Customer firstly inquired about the our factory personnel and equipment through the phone, secondly talk about there is a group of Soldering Iron & Repair need production at the moment. As it is a famous brand for SMD rework soldering station, so the customer required on-site factory inspection. If passed, he would contact us for further details.


SMD rework soldering station factory


Soon we agreed with the customer on-site inspection on September 28. After inspection,  the customer provided the design and authorization with us. And we start to arrange the samples. We always pay attention to the details. The customer surprised  because the SMD rework soldering station samples were finished after 3 days. When the customer receives the samples, he said: "this is exactly what we want, I will give you feedback soon after our internal confirmation.”

During this period we kept in touch. On January 20, the customer said this SMD rework soldering station could be arranged production. We are so elated. Because it is not just an order, but also means that our company move forward the pace of cooperation with international brands.


SMD rework soldering station manufacturer


With the expansion of the business market continuously, we improve production ability on and on. Now more and more international famous brand contact us (HAIRUI manufacturer) via the Internet.