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How To Get Order Of Tool & Machinery


Published by HAIRUI September 18,2020

Soldering Iron & Repair is Germany corporation, providing different kinds of soldering desoldering station.


On September 26th, 2017, Customer firstly inquired about the our factory personnel and equipment through the phone, secondly talk about there is a group of Tool & Machinery need production at the moment. They saw our soldering desoldering station and got our catalogue on HK fair. Now they need soldering desoldering station.

I sent him e-catalogue for his reference. And he selected 999D+.



When I received his email, I quoted the price based on 100 pcs.

However, he said he need 3000 pcs. So we decide to offer him 6% discount. He was happy with our prices and place order at once.


Our manufacturer arranged production once the order was confirmed.



After 6 working days, the soldering desoldering station were ready for shipment.

When he got the soldering desoldering station, he was satisfied with our products and decided to work with us. We are so happy to be their partner.
Thanks very much for their trust.




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